We cut hair to fit your personal style. Step into these scenes and enjoy the images below.

Lines, angles, light, shadows...art is everywhere. We took a stroll downtown with Damon to explore the living art around us. When this physician and artist isn't plying his trade, you can find him creating memories with his family in their Midtown home. He is a true example of mentor and friend.


Tim and Sierra have become close friends of ours over the years. Their joy for life overflows into each person they meet and every conversation they have. You are more likely to find these two cycling around Midtown than behind the wheel of their car. 


Seth is the friend who keeps me adventurous. He's always ready to explore and constantly itching to be outdoors. He's the only guy I know who keeps an inflatable canoe and emergency cooler in his truck...just in case.


My brother-in-law Brad is the biggest history buff I know! A great conversationalist who's never met a stranger. A little coffee on the porch was the perfect way to start this Saturday.


Forrest is a man of style. Whether he's working his grandfather's farm back in Jefferson City or cruising the streets on his Triumph, he's aptly dressed for the occasion. On this particular afternoon we hit the streets to explore the quaint beauty of Strawberry Hill. California summers were in the back of our minds.